Fayetteville Public Library
"The Lens to the Soul"
A Documentary on the work of Andrew Kilgore

Film Screening Friday Feb 27th

Join us at St. Paul's Episcopal church on Friday February 27th for a film screening. More screenings will be announced soon.
Fiery Moon Films is proud to produce this Documentary film about the work of Fayetteville-based portrait photographer Andrew Kilgore for The Fayetteville Public Library. We are proud to produce the Library's second locally focused, locally produced film.

Andrew has created thousands of personal portraits, capturing priceless moments in people's lives over generations. Of even more importance, he has created a rich library of portraits designed to advocate marginalized members of our society. This new voice of "Advocacy Portrait" helps viewers connect with and better understand people living in dire need of our attention and support.

From the Kilgore Collection From the Kilgore Collection From the Kilgore Collection

This film will give an overview of Andrew's work, the vast collections he has created, and the people in our society they advocate. This film contains interviews with Andrew reflecting on key parts of each portfolio, and what he learned from these experiences. It also contains interviews and insight from experts on the social topics Andrew explored and subjects from the portfolios.

These combined with photos from the collections will give the viewer a better insight into the epic nature of Andrew's work and collection.

Fiery Moon Films has finished production of the film, thanks to the generous donations of our cornerstone donors, the amazing community support and donors, and the recent partnership with the Fayetteville Public Library. The film is now complete, and we are developing other products that bring light to Andrew's important work and legacy. This includes a coffee-table book collection of prints from the film, an educational package for high-school students about Andrew's work and advocacy photography, and a stage play about those advocated in Andrew's work. Your donation helps us make these additional products a reality. Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive a thank you letter and donation receipt via e-mail.

Fiery Moon Films is proud to have the support of other local organizations including Your Media, the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, and AETN.

This film will introduce and immortalize Andrew's art and its important message to new audiences all over the world in Film Festivals, on VOD, on DVD, and on local and regional television. The film has already had 2 previews featured at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The film will tour the region and the Nation with 20 Gallery-sized prints of pictures from the film.

For more information about Andrew Kilgore, visit his website at www.andrewkilgore.com

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Your gift of any size will be greatly appreciated as we raise funds for the additional projects about Andrew's work. Please let us know which project you would like to donate to: The Book, the Educational Package, or the Play.


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