D A Robinson, Composer

Dan Robinson earned his degree in Composition from the Conservatory at the University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2000. Since that time, Dan has worked in a wide variety of styles, from Orchestral to Rock, Country to Hip Hop. He has written, collaborated and produced numerous musicals, opera, film and game scores and a myriad of songs in a wide variety of genre.

Dan has recorded and produced over 30 full-length albums. In 2006, he produced the Ozark Music Award's best Record of the Year and won Best Sound Engineer. He works out of The Foundry, a fully equipped, 900 square foot sound studio specifically designed by him for the purpose of recording bands and ensembles.

In 2008 Dan scored the Telly-Award winning documentary film "Medicine Under Canvas". As a natural progression rising out of his work in film scoring, Dan became more involved in the complete process of film production. Currently his production company, Fiery Moon Films, has several properties in development and various stages of production. Fiery Moon Films also produces commercials for television, radio, and internet. Dan continues to enjoy building his resume as a Film Producer, Director, Photographer and Editor working with state of the art equipment within Fiery Moon Films.

As a composer, Dan is comfortable in all mediums, can write in any style, has a singular voice, but also the ability to imitate the compositional voice of the masters and the most popular of today's film composers.

If you are in need of video production services including Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, or Composer, Fiery Moon Films can deliver a product that is highly professional from a network of award-winning talent at a competitive rate.

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